Sunday, November 18, 2012

Giving Thanks

Sunday blessings as I reflect on my weekend:

199. Date Night with my darling son. I'm not sure why he's looking so forlorn because he really was excited for Medieval Feast that we were attending. 

200. Our Saturday night routine is attending church followed by dinner at church.While hubs and I have dinner my son heads off to Student Ministry activities. After dinner, my husband and I have an hour to "kill" before Isaiah is done which usually involves grocery shopping. I enjoy my Saturday night date night with my husband even if it includes dinner with others and grocery shopping.  

201. Instead of grocery shopping last night, Barry and I wandered a few stores at a local strip mall. I ooh'd over pretties at Pier One, we scrounged the Dollar Store for great deals (we left empty handed), and joked about the "stylish" clothes at Savers (thrift store). 

202. Going to church on Saturday night allows me to sleep in on Sunday mornings. After a week of rising early, this time for extra sleep restores me and prepares me for the week ahead. 

203. Sunday mornings also involves having my morning coffee in my pajamas with my husband. This little routine makes me happy. 

204. Thankful for the time on weekends to connect with my family and thankful for the time for physical restoration.

Psalm 69:30

I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify him with thanksgiving.

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