Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quiet Month of November

It's been quiet here in this room. This room that I've created to share bits of me. I look back over the last couple weeks and I've missed three Five Minute Fridays. Even as much as I love these writing exercises I just couldn't find the desire to write. I could list my excuses such as an online class I'm taking this month that includes reading and a weekly paper to write. I could blame my month of writing, those 31 days of blogging which I loved doing, however that commitment left my house and other necessary work in a bit of a shambles from 31 days of neglect.

I think my silence here goes a little deeper then being busy. During October, while writing each day, a voice silently whispered in the back of my head, "What's this all for?" When I started this blog my wish was to encourage others. To share the things in life that I was learning. To teach and inspire. Yet somehow along the way I lost my inspiration. I've been humbled as I search my heart. I've been wondering if the time I spend writing has become a selfish endeavor. Too many times in October I harshly said to my son, "Shh....not NOW, Isaiah! I'm writing!" In my defense you must know that this boy talks A LOT and if he isn't talking he is making noise of some sort. Regardless, it broke my heart when I realized how often I was shushing my dear boy.

So how do I balance family, work, friends AND find time to write? I don't know the answer to that but I'm willing to figure it out. I do know that I'm called to serve my family first so I'll start there. In between cherishing my family I will be wiggling in some writing time when I can.  I'm not quite ready to give up this little space in my world.

Two of the Friday prompt words that I missed? Quiet and Stay. Well I'll be doing both of those. :)

I'll be back.

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