Thursday, September 6, 2012

Must Have Coffee

I have a confession. I LOVE coffee. It is how I start my day. It is also how I end my day. I'm sure a few of you also end your day with a cup of coffee, right?

So when I wake in the morning and find I am out of coffee grounds I kinda panic. Last night my coffee maker decided to quit working. Hubs tried everything. When hand washing and vinegar didn't work HE panicked. He went to the store to buy come CLR.

I know, I know, not my choice. The back says "HOUSEHOLD GLOVES RECOMMENDED" and "HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED" (yes, it was capitalized on the bottle even) and we put it in our coffee maker. Remember, Hubs was in a panic as he loves coffee just as much as I. Besides, I was not going to discourage my husbands persistence. I've also come to the conclusion that he has put up with many of my crazy ideas and he no longer tries to smuggle in paper towels, so once in awhile I just keep my mouth zipped when he brings in his arsenal of chemicals (luckily this isn't very often). Not to mention the fact that this coffee lover will go to desperate measures to get coffee.

But this post isn't about chemicals in the coffee maker, it's about how to make coffee without a coffee maker (as you may have guessed, the CLR didn't do the trick either).
I could have used a cold method to make my coffee but then I would have to wait. I needed coffee and I couldn't wait the 12-24 hours that it take to cold brew. I decided to prop my coffee filter into my Pampered Chef strainer-thingy and pour boiling water from the teapot SLOWLY onto the coffee grounds. I'd pour in a little at a time and wait until all the water had filtered through before adding more hot water. It worked and it was delicious.

I also made up a jar of cold brew for later. To cold brew I filled a quart jar with 1/2 cup of coffee grounds topped with water. I left it a room temperature for 24 hours. When I needed coffee I'd pour from the jar in a small strainer that fits perfectly over my coffee cup. The coffee is quite concentrated making it easy to heat up by adding hot water. I used equal amount of hot water to coffee.

Who needs a coffee pot?

Nonworking coffee maker and quart of cold brew coffee

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