Friday, September 21, 2012

Heart WIDE Open ~ Five Minute Friday

I've always been one to cry during Hallmark movies and Hallmark commercials but since the events of this summer I've become even more sensitive to the hurts of others.

Maybe, because of the events of the summer, because I saw the love that people poured out on me, because I know the hard days, days that my soul cried out to God for guidance and comfort. I saw also, each and every day, His love and blessings. Maybe this experience completely tore my heart open. 

With a heart wide open, I can so tenderly see the hurts of others. I can cry over other's hard days. I can cry over those who have experienced similar circumstances. I cry tears of sadness but also many tears of joy over God's provisions. 

With a heart wide open, my love for others have multiplied. I see the blessings in children, in family, in friend and even in strangers.

Although this achy feeling in my chest is sometimes uncomfortable, I am embracing this heart wide open. I pray that God uses me and my wide open heart to radiate His love to all those around me. With my heart wide open may others see you, Lord!

My five minutes are up but I want to share this video with you, because another side effect of an open heart are the tears that flow abundantly every time I sing praises to my Savior. 

The "holy, holy, holy" part gets me every time.....

Now, I'll keep my tissues handy as I head over to read what others have written at Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. Yes, these often have me crying too.......


  1. "With a heart wide open, I can so tenderly see the hurts of others. I can cry over other's hard days." I love that because I have the same experience. I believe people like us that feel so much for others are here to show them how much God feels for them. How He cries for their hurts. How He hurts for their struggles.

    Thank you so much for sharing!