Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of Seventh Grade

I love that we start school when it's convenient for mama/teacher and son/student. Last week was the beginning of the school year for our local public school but it's transition week at Laurie's Little Sprouts. New daycare kiddos, big daycare kiddos heading off to school, and teacher's kids coming back to daycare after the summer break, and new kids lend to a disruption in any kind of schedule. So in the past years we've used public schools first week of school to adjust to the transitions that are happening in daycare.

So Tuesday we started school. Why not Monday? Because my daughter had several big doctor appointments that I needed to attend with her. Instead of reading, math, science, etc., on Monday Isaiah had a full day of home economics as he helped my husband care for the daycare kiddos. I remember a high school home economics class in which I carried an egg around for a week or two, pretending it was a baby. No egg for Isaiah. He gets the real thing and does a pretty good job.

First Day of School
Ten Reasons That I LOVE homeschooling:
1. Starting our school year when it is convenient for US.
2. Shoes are optional.
3. Hair brushing is also optional (although I do require teeth brushing).
4. Dishes and spelling lessons can happen simultaneously.
5. FACS class (or Home Ec., as it was called in my day) helps keep my house clean....well, kinda clean.
6. During beautiful fall days we can take our classroom outside.
7. Student can take a shower in between classes.
8. Mama doesn't have to worry about bullies on the bus or in the classroom.
9. Family vacations become field trips.

But my most favorite thing about homeschooing?
10. I get to spend my days with my kid!

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  1. We love homeschooling too! I think our fav. thing is being together as a family all day! Have a wonderful year ahead ~