Saturday, June 7, 2014

My hands

My hands are small I know but.......

these hands can be lifted up to heaven as I sing praise,

join together in applause for a job well done,

rub the back of a child with comforting whispers to still the crying, 

hold hands,

dig in the dirt to plant food which will nourish,

work to provide an income, a meal, a clean house for my family,

grasp tight onto the shoulders in a hug to comfort a friend,

wipe away tears

wrap tight to show love

wipe away dirt, signs of a good day of playing outside, from the face of a toddler 

clean boo boo's

gathered and folded together in prayer

create art

write words which will comfort, inspire or bring affirmation

These hands which were created to work, may have a little dirt under the nails and may not be perfectly manicured, are what I have to offer. My hands and my heart....God use them. These hands, though small, in God's hands can do mighty things. Use me, oh God! 

"We are God's hands......"

Joining Lisa-Jo and hundreds of fabulous writers today for Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes with no hesitation, no worries, no editing. We write just from the heart on one word. 


  1. Hi Laurie - This is my first time joining Lisa Jo's Five Minute Friday! Very beautiful post you wrote :)

  2. Yes. This is so powerful and true. We are God's hands and we can do so much good with them. Thank you for sharing your good with us. Blessings to you!

  3. I love this post about your hands and ALL they do to nurture and create and love and praise!! I was thinking how to write a post like this today and NOTHING was coming to me, so I had to go with what was at the forefront, knitting with my hands. Thanks for sharing this encouragement today! Blessings and visiting from FMF.

  4. Love the music on this one. Thank you so much for sharing! Visiting from FMF.

  5. I personally think having a bit of dirt under your nails is way better than a manicure. :)

    Stopping from FMF!

  6. Amen, amen... the cry of my heart and what I believe God wants everyone to know. :) Beautiful.