Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Days

After reading the post title did you start singing this song?

Although, after watching this video, I did have to look up Scott Baio to see if first he was still alive and if so, was he as adorable as he was in the early 80's; this post isn't about the TV sitcom "Happy Days". No, this post is about finding just one thing in your day that made you happy. One small happy moment for one hundred days and posted to whichever social media you choose. 

My daughter told me about #100happydays just over a month ago and we decided to take the plunge. A couple of years ago I taken Ann Voskamp's challenge to find 1000 gifts and my practice of counting blessings has dwindled a bit. Time to step it up! There are blessings all around us but we must open our eyes to see them. 
Since I don't have instagram - I don't have one of those fancy picture-taking-web connecting phones  -  so I decided to post my 100 happy days to my Facebook page.
Counting blessing, seeking that happy moment can have such a dramatic influence on one's attitude. Pretty soon you see "happy" everywhere! How 'bout you? Do you have a daily practice of noticing the good that is around you? Want to join the challenge? You can do so HERE!

Here's another happy song for you: :) 

May you look and see the happy moments in your day today!

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