Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remembering to Have a Heart of Gratitude

I was humbled this week with the realization that during the hard times, the days spent in the hospital, I was consistently searching and seeing blessings despite our circumstances. Somehow in the midst of real life I had forgotten to have a heart of gratitude. 

On Thursday, instead of singing praises for the previous days successful CT scan (Breanna's no longer has bleeding around her brain! HALLELUJAH!), I was allowing the stresses of every day life swallow up my gratitude. A leaking toilet. A van, which had been in for repairs twice since we've returned home from the hospital, was squealing while smoke rolled out from under the hood. My computer wasn't working (it has since decided to work again). An anniversary forgotten. I went to bed early and on Friday morning I woke realizing that in the grand scheme of life these little trials mean very little and are merely annoyances. 

I am instructed to give thanks in EVERYTHING (1 Thessalonians 5:18)! Today I am thankful that my daughter is walking and talking. Breanna's body is healing and someday this WILL be just a faded memory. I am thankful for a house that, yes, sometimes needs repairs, but is a home filled with love. I am thankful that I am able to repair the van instead of having to worry about buying a new vehicle. I am thankful that God has provided an excellent medical facility with outstanding physicians. He's also provided family, friends and a community which continue to support us with love, kind words and prayers. I have so much to be thankful for!

Breanna continues to heal. Next week she will have another x-ray of her clavicle and an appointment with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Torchia. Depending on what the x-ray reveals, Dr. Torchia will determine if she can have possible breaks from the sling (at this time she wears it all the time except for showering and dressing), as well as exercises that she can do to strengthen her arm. 

The first week in August Breanna will be tested on her cognitive abilities. She was warned by one of her therapists that this test can take up to four hours. Hopefully they give snack breaks. :)  At this time it will be decided when Breanna will be able to discontinue therapy and when she will be able to return to work. I think she is anxious to return to work.....or at least anxious to get out of the house. 

At church on Sunday I met a woman and through our conversation found that she lives very near to the accident site. She reassured me that she was praying for my daughter before I even knew Breanna needed prayers. I'm so thankful for the family of Christ. Although strangers, through Him, we share a deep connection. Seeing the love of Christ in others is truly beautiful. 

I'm rejoicing in all our blessings, as well as the trials that keep me on my knees. I again want to thank each of you for your continued love and prayers. 

You can read more about our journey regarding my daughter's accident and recovery at her Caring Bridge site

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