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On the Road to Recovery

I've been MIA on my blog lately as I've taken my writing to my daughter's Caring Bridge page. One month ago my daughter, Breanna, was involved in a car accident. She and her friend were heading back to town after swimming at a popular swimming hole when her friend lost control of the car on a stretch of loose gravel. The car rolled multiple times and both girls were ejected from the vehicle. Megan, Breanna's friend, was air lifted by Mayo One and Breanna was taken to St. Mary's Hospital via ambulance.  
To read more about this experience visit Breanna's Caring Bridge.

Here's today's update:

We've had a couple of great days! Breanna is becoming more independent, napping less and experiencing less pain. 

Yesterday she had an x-ray of her clavicle and although the fractured bone hasn't fused together yet, they are where they should be. We brought Isaiah along so that he could see the x-rays. Dr. Torchia had two residents with him so we got the "extras" as he explained to his residents why surgery was necessary, the different procedures that could fix this type of clavicle fracture and why he prefers the one he did for Breanna. He even had a skeleton wheeled in to demonstrate. I wonder if Dr. Torchia would let Isaiah and I follow him around for a couple weeks? That would be a cool homeschooling field trip. :)

The staples were also removed from Breanna's shoulder. Breanna experienced a stinging pain with each (more than 30) staple removed. Last night the site was tender and sore. I suspect it will feel better each day. She returns at the end of the month for another x-ray and to see if she can start going for short periods of time without the sling.

We also saw Dr. Rieck from Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery...yes, I had to look this up. Compliments of Wikipedia: "surgery to treat many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region." See, this really is a great homeschooling lesson. 

Anyway.... We saw Dr. Rieck because he (or I should say, his residents) stitched up Breanna's head laceration. Her head looked good however there was one spot that wasn't healing. Dr. Rieck dug a little (OUCH!) and found two sutures which hadn't dissolved. Now this spot can heal. She no longer has to grease her forehead up with bacitracin and she can begin wearing makeup (this was exciting news for her). Laser surgery can be performed in two months to remove/lessen the scar on Breanna's forehead. This procedure consists of three treatments every six weeks.

Today we have rehab appointments, Thursday we'll see the trauma team and rehab again on Friday. I'm beginning to feel these appointments will never end....but I know one day they will so I will continue to cherish each day.


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