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Life Can Change In a Moment

I was reminded of how quickly life can change last Monday when I got the call that no mother ever wants to receive.

A social worker from St. Mary's Hospital said, "You're daughter may have been involved in a car accident. Is your daughter Breanna? How soon can you get to the hospital?"

Everything around me blurred as I grabbed my purse and keys and flew out the door. The thirty mile drive to the hospital was one of tears and prayers, pleading God to allow my daughter to still be alive. I had no idea what I would find waiting for me at the hospital.

Once at the hospital I was asked to wait in a private room while the hospital's social worker went to fetch the nurse. I still had no idea if my daughter was dead or alive. The ten minutes I waited seemed like an eternity. While being briefed on the extent of her injuries I silently lifted praises to God for sparing her life and began pleading for healing for my little girl (she is 21 but she will ALWAYS be my little girl).

Possible broken clavicle, head injury, brain trauma, lacerations to her hip/side and spleen, lacerations on her head, possible facial fractures......I sobbed. I was taken to see her. She was heavily sedated because she was combative at the scene. Blood covered her face. OH MY BABY! So much more than a scraped knee which can be healed with a kiss and a band aid. At this point I had no idea how her friend, Megan, who was also in the vehicle, was doing. I prayed and begged for protection over both of them.

As they prepared her for transfer to the ICU unit I again gave thanks for her life. The rest is kind of a blur. Thankfully a friend arrived Tuesday morning with a bag full of Larabars, fruit and Naked Fruit smoothies (all of my favorites) and a notebook. This notebook has been a God-send as I slow down the Doctors while they discuss injuries and treatments so that I take notes. The notebook has taken my mind off of my emotions (fear, sadness, etc) and has helped me to focus on the facts. I write what was happening with her injuries. I write what steps the teams of doctors (another blessing ~ Breanna has MANY teams of doctors looking after her care) were taking in my daughter's road to recovery. The blur of the events of the past 6 days can be easily clarified by my notebook. One of Bre's doctors now consults with me based on the facts written in my notebook. Thank you, Sarah, for providing nourishment for both my body and my soul.

My notebook gives me purpose. Often I don't have time to cry because I have to write something in my notebook. Or I have someone around that I'm trying to be strong for. But sometimes, in the quiet of the night, with no notes to jot down, I crumble. I fall to my knees and cry to the God that hears my prayers. My prayers that can not be formulated into words due to my distress.  I am so thankful that He hears my unintelligible sobs yet still knows my needs.

During the past six days I have so much to be thankful for! In the midst of my emotional pain God has directed me to see His blessings. I can't imagine going through this without Him. Early one morning, I was walking through the gardens. I stopped to sit on a bench, unsure if I could walk any further. Through my sobs I became aware of a sweet, beautiful scent that seemed to wrap it's arms around me. Thank you, God, for your sweetness. Thank you for carrying me when I can not walk.

God is performing miracles. Megan and Breanna are impressing their doctors with the small but so huge steps each day.

Thank you, God, for hearing my prayers. Thank you for ~

Angels that you've put in my path this week.

Friends and family that have gone beyond loving us and caring for our needs. 

A freezer full of food provided by others will help in the weeks to come.

Thoughtful gifts of cards and flowers. 

Gift certificates for fuel, parking and groceries.

A cup of coffee, a hug, and sweet words of encouragement.

Friends and families who have reached out to my son, Isaiah, in order to distract him from his sadness (he loves his sister dearly). 
A stranger who stopped me in the hall because she felt led to hug me.

A parking attendant who showed kindness on a day when I was past weary.  

A physical therapist who fought back tears when she shared with Breanna that she had a daughter who was also named Breanna.

The personal care attendants who watch over Breanna and I at night so that we can sleep. 

Peter, the personal care attendant, who is a single father. Instead of being home with his children he was helping me care for mine. I know the struggles of being a single parent....GOD PLEASE BLESS HIM!

The nurses who are patient with me. 

The doctors who take the time to answer my questions and afterwards ask me how I am doing. One of these docs often give me a wink and assure me that she was doing great. Thank you, Dr. Jenkins, for putting this worried mama at ease.

The blessings this week have blown me away. I am in awe at how great my God is and how compassionate people are. There are blessings in everything.

My daughter, Breanna, is on the right. Her friend, Megan, on the left. 

To see Breanna's progress, please visit her  Caring Bridge website. I also have two requests. Hug your children tonight REALLY tight.....until they ask you to stop. Afterwards please lift up your voice to Jesus. Pray for your children, pray for the friends of your children, and pray for Megan and Breanna to be healed!

Growing Home


  1. I know the story....mostly....and I am in tears again. How you write so beautifully....about something so very hard. So difficult. God is good. Thank you for sharing. Still praying. I am so grateful for your awesome friends there to care so perfectly for you. Will hold you in the LIght, the Love and the Life of God, Abba, Precious Son, and the Holy Spirit who will never leave us. Shar.

  2. Laurie ~ That was so beautiful and brought me to tears as well. I am so glad that you are staying strong through this and have such good support from family, friends, and the hospital staff. As you requested, I just gave my kids a really tight hug. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  3. In order to stay strong, we sometimes have to cry! Please check out my post this week. Just click on my name link and it will take you there. I would not ordinarily ask someone to do this but I believe it may be a help in your situation.

    Sending you and your beautiful daughter a (((hug)))

  4. Shar ~ thank you for always saying (and praying) just the right words. I cherish you!

  5. Jess ~ good job on obeying my orders! You have some precious kids to be lovin' on. :) Thank you for everything that you have done for us.
    With a heart full of gratitude,

  6. Wendy,
    Yes, those emotional tears really are good for the soul! Tonight I cried in church...happy tears for how well I am loved by my heavenly Father. It was cathartic. Thanks for the hug ~ I never turn those down. :)


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