Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ RISK

I'm a little late with my Friday assignment. On Fridays, Lisa-Jo (formally The Gypsy Mama) hosts a writing party. We write for five minutes with no editing, no over thinking. We just write our hearts and take the risk of sharing. This weeks prompt word is RISK

The risk of parenthood ~

you will wear shirts with signs of spit up or food.....or both

you may sport bags under the eyes from little sleep.....
losing sleep as your baby wakes you with her hungry cries in the night and losing sleep as you wait for your child to come home at night

you may, no you WILL, love like you've never loved. Love that sometimes hurt.

you will cry when your child is in physical pain

you will cry when you watch your child struggle in making good choices

you will have to be strong even when you feel your legs begin to buckle

But the benefits so outweigh the risks.

smiles from your child will fill your heart with a radiating warmth

I love you, mama will be words you cherish most

the promise of a new life and joy that brings

a risk that I'd choose again and again
Statue of Mother and Children in the Storm1
Mother and Children in the StormPeace Memorial Park, Hiroshima


Come read what many talented writers wrote or to add your own!


  1. true words :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, me too! again and again, I'd chose to be right where I am...bags under my eyes and all.

    beautiful 5 min write!

  3. Yes, I wear my eye bags with pride! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, Ladies!