Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Princess

Me and my little girlfriend

On August 5th, 1990, God blessed me with a beautiful daughter. I remember the overwhelming feeling of love, a feeling unlike any other, for my precious little princess. Does anything compare to the love that a mother feels towards her child? I remember watching her sleep and being totally amazed at this perfect little baby that was all mine. Today, as she celebrates her 21st birthday, I am taking a little photo trip down memory lane.

Pure joy.


I love that face!

Really. Look at her. SO DARN CUTE!

I remember many camping trips. Often we'd load up the car and just go. Our favorite spot was Duluth. We'd eat s'mores, go hiking and play on the rock beaches of the North Shore. Breanna would play forever ~ dancing on the shore and throwing in rocks. Breanna shared with me last year that she never liked camping....and all along I thought it was OUR favorite thing to do. Oh well, I have many precious memories of camping with my girl.
Breanna, Isaiah and Bella ~ Christmas 2006

Isaiah and Breanna, Duluth April 2011

She pretends to hate her brother, who loves to annoy her, but deep down I know she loves him. It's a love-hate relationship. Isaiah once woke her up with his toad collection. He placed five toads on her pillow before waking her. That act may never be forgiven. 

"Teasing" Grandma, "Farm" Grandma, Me, Isaiah, Breanna, and Grandma Marian
Snowball Dance 2007

In Milwaukee for Breanna's second birthday
 Aug. 1992

I remember when you were my Little Girl.  
As much a part of me as my right arm. 
My every breath and step held you in mind. 
 Then suddenly, one morning ~ you were grown. 
 I was not finished with you. 
 But, we must love our children enough to let them go. 
 But in my heart.... you will always be ~ My Little Girl.

Happy Birthday, Breanna! I love you....and you will ALWAYS be my little girl!

Breanna 1991

Breanna, 2011


  1. I'm crying! Happy birthday, Breanna!

  2. I am also crying, very beautiful Laurie! Time flys by way to fast!!
    Happy Birthday Breanna :)

  3. Hold your princess tight, knittinggirl, she'll be "all growed up" before you know it!

  4. Thanks, Leah. I've came back to this post many times (I'm missing my girl) and get misty-eyed each time.