Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butterflies and Singers

It was difficult to get a good picture. This shot (on the right) was taken through the see-through top (I didn't want to risk losing any butterflies before our "release"). We had at least twenty butterflies. The red on the walls is not blood and is a normal occurrence during the transformation process. We took turns, allowing each child to release a butterfly. Very fun.

Painted Lady


A couple of months ago I got a "new" machine. Isn't is cool?? However I haven't sewn in about 15 years...not to mention that even when I did sew, I was not very skilled. I remember making my daughter a Pocahontas dress and accidentally sewing the arm holes shut. This is how good I am...or how good I'm not. So my new machine was very imitating. It's old and beautiful and I was terrified that I'd break it. When in need, share it with your facebook friends. Within an hour of posting a picture of my new Singer along with a HELP!, I had a taker. Gramma B. came to my rescue! Gramma B. is a dear friend who not only offered to give me some lessons but also brought cookies and a sewing project to work on. Gramma B., a seasoned and skilled seamstress, was a patient teacher. Thank you, my dear friend, for helping me!

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