Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This sweet boy wasn't like many of the other children who struck silly poses when they'd see me with my camera. This boy observed me from a distance. When I asked if I could take his picture he nodded slightly and gave me a small, gentle smile. 

His friends on the other hand...........

Friends, these are the future game-changers, world-changers, hope-for-the-nations children. 

Even that one in your arms - that one which kept you up all night. Snuggle in tight for soon enough that child will be wiggling away. 

Even the three year old that is stilling holding on to the "terrible twos" and is making you think that this potty training thing is going to last forever. The struggle is real for that little one who is stuck between a desire for independence and yet still has a desire to stay mommy's little boy.

Even that face-always-in-the-mirror teen girl whose vanity may cause you to worry about her shallowness. Yes, one day she will see past herself and see others. Right now she is questioning her worth and is seeking your validation.

Even the permit driving boy who just might give you a heart attack. He's seeking his independence. Guide him. 

Breathe deep, count to ten and remember that you just might be raising the next Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. 

Breathe life into that child of yours. Live in a way which will influence these children in your care to do better, to dream big, to build hope and to love well. 

There is hope. Not just a hope to survive motherhood but a hope for something even bigger. Hope for a better world. 

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