Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's for lunch?

 My new favorite lunch? Chicken Salad! In the past I had a couple of bad habits that I've been trying to break:

1. Feeding the daycare kids crap. Although for the most part I've always been pretty good about making "healthier" choices for the kids (we avoid fruit juices and canned fruits, never have sugared cereal, etc), I was still falling back on kid-friendly (there's nothing friendly about processed foods), inexpensive and easy meals such as hot dogs, mac&cheese and frozen pizza (who doesn't love Pizza Friday?). I don't remember the last time I served the kids any of those three (except today we're having nitrate-free turkey dogs!).

2. My lunch was usually quick, if I "ate" at all. Usually I'd gobbled down a slice of pizza (or other "naughty" foods) while serving the kids and clean the kitchen. When I eat while I'm "on my feet" I have the tendency to overeat. One slice of pizza turns to three slices. I finally get a chance to sit down when the kids are finished with their lunch. As I sit down to the leftovers I think, "Boy, I'm so hungry!" I'm not hungry but my brain says I am because I never had the opportunity to sit while eating. So now I've reduce grazing. :) I also prepare my lunch before I make lunch for the kids - although I am feeding them healthy foods, there are still some foods that I avoid such as tortillas and bread.

Chicken Salad has become one of my favorite lunches. I can make it up ahead of time

I make this to taste, meaning I taste test while making and add ingredients if necessary. Here's what I use: 
Diced Chicken (chicken breast, leftovers from whole chicken, etc.)
Mayo (this day I used Vegenaise but I'm not fond of a few of it's ingredients....I need to make my own mayo!)
Nuts - almonds or walnuts
Sea Salt

If I have on hand, I also add:
Fresh cilantro or parsley
Green onions

Occasionally I spoon my chicken salad into a romaine heart for a salad wrap or put on top of a bed of spring greens but usually I eat it just as it is!

I love this recipe as I can make a batch at the beginning of the week to use for quick lunches and dinners. There is usually a little left over for Saturday which is the day I let my family "fend for themselves". :)

April's HomemakingThe Chicken Chick

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