Saturday, September 14, 2013

Teaching Compassion and Raising Up World Changers

Often I feel limited in the ways in which I can help meet the needs of children living in extreme poverty. Many times I've had to remind myself that, in this season of my life, I do have the opportunity to not only love and meet the needs of the child in my care but also to teach compassion and raise up world changers.

This week I contemplated and prayed about how I can do more. I spent time clicking through the World Help website. I ordered boxes to fill for Christmas for an Orphan. I ordered a bundle of Gift of Hope catalogs to give to my daycare families and decided that this year, instead of Christmas gifts for me, I would ask for gifts of hope. As I searched the website I found many little things that I could do and I became excited. That excitement led to the realization that doing something small could have the potential of growing into something much bigger.
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  ― Mother Teresa

As I browsed through the faces of children needing sponsors I decided that Laurie's Little Sprouts (the name of my home daycare) could sponsor a child.  At first I was overwhelmed with picking one child out of the many children in need but then the ideas flooded in. I added Guatemala to my search since I teach very basic Spanish to the kids and decided that a child that was three years old would be perfect as most the children in my care are that age. I printed up five the pictures of five children to share with my daycare kiddos.

During circle time the next day I introduced my children to each picture, stating the name and age of the child, and added that these children live in places that don't have clean water and often times the dirty water that they drink makes them sick. I told the kids that many families don't live in houses or have food to eat but that we could help. I was amazed at my daycare kids as they were concerned and very eager to help.

Each day since we have prayed for the five children from Guatemala whose pictures are displayed in my dining room. During our lunch time prayers we pray for each child by name that they would have clean water to drink, food to eat and a home to live in. As we learn our colors I tell the children that our friends in Guatemala say rojo for red and the kids look up at our Guatemalan friends and eagerly repeat "ROJO!"

This week the kids and I will choose one out of the five of our new friends from Guatemala to sponsor and I hate that we can only choose one. One of my daycare boys, when I explained that we could only afford to send money to one child, cried out, "NO! We HAVE to send money to ALL OF THEM! I have money at home that I can bring!" Yes, this child knows compassion! This is what I want to teach the children in my care.

How about you? Could you help just one child? Please consider sponsoring a child with World Help.

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