Friday, August 23, 2013

Mocha Mousse and Berry Parfait

 Last night I hosted bible study (we rotate houses each week) so yesterday morning I panicked as I looked through the cupboard to see what I had to work with. Hmm......Wildtree Mocha Mousse and Cheesecake Blend? I've made this before and found it a little boring so I began thinking of ways that I could "dress it up". The following recipe is what I came up with. Of course as I was formulating my dessert in my head I realized that the deliciousness of this treat would increase with proper presentation. I think it was a hit.

Click HERE for a printable recipe!

Mocha Mousse and Berry Parfait

Mix together a few hours before “assembly” and place in the refrigerator:
12 oz. cream cheese (or neufchatel cheese - can’t even taste the difference!)
4 T. Wildtree Mocha Mousse and Cheesecake Blend
¼ C. heavy whipping cream

Just before the guests arrive whip up in a chilled mixing bowl until cream forms “peaks”:
  • Pint heavy whipping cream
  • sprinkle of Nustevia (or sweetner of your choice)
  • splash of vanilla

While you wait for the whipping cream (this takes awhile), cut up strawberries or prepare berries.

In bottom of wine glass (or some pretty glass bowl) layer:
Berries, dollop of whipping cream, Mousse, another layer of berries and top with whipping cream.

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  1. It was truly yummy! I was there so I know it.