Saturday, May 11, 2013

Comfort - Five Minute Friday

Comfort is:

holding a warm cup of coffee between both hands on a cold winters day

the warmth of a hug when the tears won't seem to stop

cuddling with a nursing baby

my favorite over-sized cardigan wrapped tight around my body

my mother.

Mom, you comforted me when I was a child, calming my fears of the boogeyman and the mean kids. As a young wife and mother I'd often make daily phone calls to you. You'd patiently tell me again how to make spaghetti sauce or meatloaf. When I had hard decisions to make it was always you that I would turn to. All those little things that you did gave me comfort. The big thing? You prayed. I find huge comfort in knowing that my mama, the woman that knows me best, loved me enough even during my most rebellious years, took time to pray daily for me. And she still prays for me.

Mom, you are my comfort.

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Five Minute Friday


  1. there is tremendous comfort in having a praying Momma.....Such a blessing.

  2. Oh, such a sweet post, Laurie! :) Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! And Happy Mother's Day to YOU!