Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces

First Day of School!


after. Still not quite right.
School has started, yet I'm still trying to find a better way to store our books. These books get used at least weekly but most are used daily. Our "once-in-awhile" books, such as reference books, are kept on one of the book shelves in the living room. So what do I do with our school books?? The location works. However the books are held up by a knife block, which means whenever I grab one of the heftier books the whole pile falls over. This is irritating...and a time waster. So I grabbed a book shelf thinking this would eliminate this problem. I was hoping to position the shelf on it's side however my books are too tall. Not only is the shelf a bit of an eye sore (not a huge issue for me as I prefer function over fashion) but it's still not big enough. I'm stumped. If I had an unlimited money tree, I'd buy something that works better. No, actually I'd have the whole microwave cabinet remade. A custom cabinet. This area seems to have a lot of wasted space and a floor to ceiling cabinet would be great. Not only would I have room for books but I'd have room for all my kitchen gear that's stored in the laundry room. But alas, I don't have a money tree so I need to work with what I have. Meanwhile we are continuing to work with the shelf that's on top of a ...well, shelf. I'm hoping this helps me pin point what I want/need...or a better solution.

A few years ago we acquired a snapping turtle from a daycare friend. He had found the turtle at his mother's work and knew that we would love it. I think his name is Dash...or Bolt...it's changed a few times and I just called him turtle. The daycare kids have loved the turtle. Turtle, like The Boy, has grown at unbelievable speed this past year. He was so happy to have room to swim. I tried to get a picture of him swimming but he lived up to his name and was gone in a flash. I think I could hear him shouting as he swam down the river, "WAHOO! I'M FREE!"
The scenery in Turtle's backyard.

Visiting the farm. The Boy and Caufield

The Boy coloring his pumpkin at Quarry Hill Fall Festival. Yes, he made that face on purpose.

First Football Game. The Boy plays center.

The Boy loves playing football and the only football that I desire to watch is the team with my boy on it. When Hubby watches the Vikings on Sunday afternoon, I know this means that I get to take a nap (I guess I DO love football because I love having an excuse to nap!). I am completely clueless when it comes to football. In my defense, I do know when the team (or player) is doing something good (such as running the ball towards the end posts...or whatever they are called). I also know enough to cheer at the appropriate times.

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  1. Love this. I would use it as an excuse but Husband doesn't watch football so can't. haha