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I like to bake and I LOVE fresh-from-the-oven, homemade bread! Don't even bother with the butter. Yum. However I have a problem with following directions...hmm, that's where The Boy (darling, non-direction-listening son) gets it. And I'm never very consistent. One week I have extra spelt flour so I add that to my wheat, the next I have brown rice flour. And measuring? I am never quite exact. I like cooking with a little bit of this and a little of that. Needless to say,  I can never make a loaf of bread the same way twice. Occassionally I happen upon a recipe that I know I need to continue using AND be consistent in following the recipe (I think my creative side finds this stifling. Or maybe I'm just looking for a good excuse for my shortcoming.). Yesterday I found such recipe, followed the directions and had success! Easy and delicious. The recipe, found at, is called "Quick and Tender Breadsticks". The breadsticks can also b…


I'm not an anything. However I do dabble. Alot. As I begin my first blog, I question what I have to offer to you, dear reader, that isn't already available on the millions of blogs that are already in existence. The only factor that is different? Me. :) Life is a journey and I'd like to share my journey with you. I love reading blogs, I love learning new things and I love sharing what I am learning. So come along with me as I share my simple, everyday notions.