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Thy Will be Done

Years ago....June 2012 to be exact..... while at the hospital bedside of my daughter , I cried "Heal her!" which was followed with as much conviction, "Thy will by done". And I meant it. The Holy Spirit equipped me to pray for God's will and not my own. The Holy Spirit equipped me to pray that whatever the outcome, he alone would be glorified. photo credit: Tessa Rampersad Since that time, "thy will be done" isn't as easy to pray when going about my normal, everyday life. How was it that I was able to so easily submit the future to his hands when I was facing my hardest days. Not by my power but by His. The past couple of weeks, as I prepared emotionally for the celebration of my youngest's 18th birthday, I've been revisiting this need to release my child into the hands of God. I've spent too many moments wondering if I've done my job in preparing my son for adulthood. I've spent too much time being anxious for his future
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Menu Monday

Bravo to all you working mamas who still get dinner on the table! Last month I began working "away from home" and I've found meal planning and prep to be much harder than when I was working at home. I finally feel that I've adjusted to my new roles and am happy to say that I've started this week with a menu plan and all the prep that can be done in advance has been done! Dinner with my family is a priority - even if it means we gobble down everything in 10 minutes so that we can get out the door for an evening activity. We are a family that eats together and planning/prepping helps eliminate stress (because dinner isn't so enjoyable when mama's stressed. not that I would  know....) PHOTO CREDIT MONDAY: Vegetable Pot Pie Frozen Pie Crusts (package of 2) 3 T. butter 3 T. flour 1 cup of cream (milk would work too) 1/2 cup of water.......or less - thin gravy if needed ( broth can also be used)\ 1 package of frozen mixed vegetables Make rou


This sweet boy wasn't like many of the other children who struck silly poses when they'd see me with my camera. This boy observed me from a distance. When I asked if I could take his picture he nodded slightly and gave me a small, gentle smile.  His friends on the other hand........... Friends, these are the future game-changers, world-changers, hope-for-the-nations children.  Even that one in your arms - that one which kept you up all night. Snuggle in tight for soon enough that child will be wiggling away.  Even the three year old that is stilling holding on to the "terrible twos" and is making you think that this potty training thing is going to last forever. The struggle is real for that little one who is stuck between a desire for independence and yet still has a desire to stay mommy's little boy. Even that face-always-in-the-mirror teen girl whose vanity may cause you to worry about her shallowness. Yes, one day she will see past hersel

Refrigerator bread dough turned pizza crust

"festering" on top of the refrigerator for the afternoon My new favorite and EASIEST bread recipe comes from Gwen's Nest and can be found HERE Spinach and feta on my side and plain old cheese for the kids

When the refrigerator is bare.....

I was going to go to the grocery store after work last night. I just needed a few supplies to get me through the day as I'm heading to the "big city" tonight to get the bulk of my groceries (some things are cheaper and well worth the drive). But then there was Downton  - yes, we may have three different PBS stations with our antenna but we don't get the "right" PBS station to watch DA when it airs. Thankfully we also have a Roku so we can watch it the next day. I'm also thankful that I didn't see any spoilers on Facebook before I was able to see the episode.  By the time we finished watching Downton and dried our eyes, our little, hometown grocery store was closed. Today I will just work with what I have.  Opening the freezer I found ice cream (my son would be just fine with ice cream for dinner), a bag of frozen California vegetables, two salmon fillets, walnuts, one pie crust, a box of puff pastry, and frozen radishes.  The refrigerator didn&

Help My Unbelief

Ever have one of those days when you feel in a funk? A day when you just can't shake the crabbiness? Today was such a day. Work started steady, and then it just got a little chaotic. The chaos that comes when I needed to be doing ten things at the same precise moment.  And the organized perfectionist in me who couldn't control her environment started to feel a little stressed. Stress brings out the crabby me. And then I got home from work, later than I wanted. Missed church. And my feet hurt. And the moment I even thought about complaining of my sore feet I felt guilty because I had vowed, after hearing of neuropathic pain that my friend with cancer experiences as a result from her chemotherapy, that I will never complain about my aches and pains. My achy feet don't even compare to the pain which she experiences. I vowed that I wouldn't complain about my achy feet because I should be grateful that I can work. Grateful that I have my second "bonus" job on t

Three gifts that start with N

On this third day of November I search for three gifts that start with "N". A new day, a day in which I embrace. A day in which gives me another chance to whittle down the to-list. A new chance of loving others better than the day before.  Original Photo Credit Night, a chance to rest. A chance for my body to recharge. Original Photo Credit Never ending love. Knowing that He loves me no matter how many times I fail. He knows me yet still loves me. Forever. I am humbled and thankful. What are you thankful for today?