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Five Minute Friday - Friend

This summer, on the 12th day of July, my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. Somewhere in the last five years, I stopped seeing my husband as my friend. It's not that I saw him as my enemy. He was "just" my husband. I became focused on my duties as a wife. Sometimes, when we can't look past our duties, we forget the gift that we have. Last weekend my husband and I attended a homeschooling conference together. My son and I started our homeschooling adventure before my husband and I married. My son, although my husband completely accepts him as his own, is mine. I'm learning that "mine" and "yours" are words that should not enter a marriage. Last week I felt my husband come beside me in this adventure. It's not that he'd never supported our schooling from home but I had never fully allowed him into the realm of our family life. I may still be the teacher but my husband is my support and my friend. Last ye…


It has been a lllllllooooooooonggggg winter here in Minnesota. But today? Today gave me hope that spring will indeed return to the Minnesota tundra. Here's what I saw today:


Bleeding Heart!

Searching for bugs! 
The kids love moving my landscaping blocks to search for bugs. :)

Turning the dirt in the garden!

Baby Sedum!

My bees arrived (shipped from somewhere warmer than here). Thankfully sunshine and warmer temperatures arrived just in time to make today the perfect day to introduce my bees to their new homes. 

It was a lovely day and I am so happy to see signs of spring!

Tax Season: the Dark Period

22 days since my last blog post......I'm not sure with what I've been busy with.

Oh yeah. April 15th occurred during that time. I've decided the time period of January 30th (or a little later if I've decided to proclaim a full fledge denial) until April 14 is my "Dark Period". You see, I'm a procrastinator by nature. I'm also self employed and for some dumb reason pay my taxes only at tax season (again, out of both denial and procrastination). I mean, really. Doesn't it make sense to procrastinate giving the government money?

[Side note here because I find it humorous....maybe you will too. Every year, during my Dark Period, while I lamented, my husband reminded me that paying taxes is my duty as a citizen of the United States. Until last year. After finding out that HE also owed I decided we'd file separately. Since becoming responsible for filing and paying his own taxes, he no longer brings up that little "duty as a citizen" speech…


It began a few weeks ago when the Five Minute Friday prompt word was "HOME". At reading my prompt word I had no inspirational feelings towards my heavenly home. I had no feelings of gratitude for the earthly home that God had provided for me (this is an amazing story that I will save for a later time). Instead I was careening into a pit of self pity, feeling overwhelmed and alone in the responsibility of keeping and caring for my home. 

I started to write that day however after being interrupted several times (which I allowed to irritate me and push me further into the deep, dark pit that I had dug for myself), I gave up. The next day I returned to finish my writing. Reading the words I had written the day before all I could see was bitter anger.
A continual dripping on a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike  Proverbs 27:15
Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife. Proverbs 21:19
I hung my head in shame of the bitter, angry person that I wa…